Wanna download videos and images from Instagram or IGTV, and browse them offline anytime to save bandwidth? Never been easier. Get VIP Downloader for Instagram, the tiny downloader for Instagram photo-video with optimum results.

VIP Downloader for Instagram photo video will help you download or re-gram/ re-post your favorite videos and pictures on Instagram with just 2 clicks. With VIP Downloader for Instagram photo-video, you can share, re-gram/ re-post, or set them as Instagram wallpaper easily.

Our app is now available on Google Play.

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★ Download photos or videos from IGTV or Instagram.
★ Both auto-download and delayed/ pending download are supported.
★ Non-disruptive two quick steps to download and save Instagram photos and videos into your device.
★ Download multiple Instagram videos or photos automatically while browsing Instagram.
★ Specific to images, real fast download from temporary cache, even when offline! As long as you already opened the app, and disabled auto-download. No bandwidth, or mobile data wasted.
★ No login is required. You can download photo and videos via Instagram web anonymously and or app. Both are equally supported.
★ Capture, share or post your own original status/ story photos via camera collected within the same gallery.
★ Explore, save, delete, status/ story videos and photos in your own gallery.

Extra features

o Watch saved videos and images offline anytime to save bandwidth and mobile data usages.
o Download later when on WIFI, or have more space. The app will just store links for future downloads.
o Optional video cover/ full screen downloads.
o Clean, minimal, modern, zoomable slideshow gallery for Instagram celebrity, nature, food, travel and more interesting topics.
o Regular social media sharing if you install the apps.
o Re-gram/ re-post on Instagram just as easily.
o A very simple PIN protection for a little privacy concern.
o Quick and easy database backup and rebuild, or database migration from free to pro.
o Forgot PIN? No worries. Simply rebuild your latest downloaded photos and videos gallery via UI. Be sure to read the provided FAQs to know the steps.
o Set your favorite Instagram image or video cover as wallpaper with a customized cropper.

The two famous steps to download videos and photos via VIP Downloader for Instagram:
✓ Open VIP Downloader for Instagram, then browse Instagram
✓ Tap the Copy link on Instagram

That's it. No need to do the PASTE and CLICK to download. No annoying ads on this stage. Just continue browsing on Instagram, and repeat the two steps above. Downloads should happen automatically and non-disruptively in the background. A friendly, ignorable VIP Downloader for Instagram icon will prompt you to inform that downloads happen. Later manage, share, re-gram/ re-post the downloaded photos and videos at your leisure time.

Try and see VIP Downloader for Instagram, a tiny downloader for Instagram photo-video, for yourself.

Quick FAQS

Some features are not functioning?
You were asked for permissions before using this app. If denied, the app won't function. Visit Android Settings > Apps > VIP Downloader > Permissions, or visit Settings > Permissions for a shortcut. Enable the required permissions. Restart the app to let the app know the newly granted permission.


o Please do not use VIP Downloader for Instagram to save photos or videos and re-post them without the owners' permissions. Tap the top right corner Instagram icon to view the original owner page to request permissions quickly.
o We are not responsible for any intellectual property violation that results from unauthorized re-posting of a photo or video.
o This app is not affiliated with Instagram, nor own it.