Quotable is an offline collection of 62K+ ancient-to-modern minds, 11K+ authors, 110+ categories, and growing if internet download is activated at Settings. From funny jokes or videos, to thoughtful wisdom. Entertainment to technology. Philosophers to singers. Evangelists to celebrities. All is at your finger tips with the simple, and friendly interface. You can record and make your own personal journals with Speech to Text supports. The Quotable integrates with Youtube to quickly search visual data for authors, singers, or famous people, which appeal to you most.

Our app is now available on Google Play.

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  • 62K+ quotes, 11K+ authors, 110+ categories.
  • Works offline.
  • Searchable quotes, authors and categories.
  • Integrated with Text to Speech engines.
    Listening to inspirations, motivations, wisdoms during bathing, cooking, working, workouts, or bedtimes, etc. This requires a text to speech engine which is normally installed by default using Google TTS. More engines are available at stores. Be sure to have it enabled, or installed, to have fun.
  • Integrated with Speech to Text engines.
    Record or add new quotes or personal notes using your speeches.
  • Integrated with Youtube app to search for more visual data given the contextual information.
  • Integrated with Google Translate so you can translate and store them directly within the app.
  • Quotable comes with a lovable home screen widget. Drag it into your home screen from your App & Widget selection screens.
  • Live data, paged list, infinite scroll and full screen pages.
  • Autoplay, auto speech and randomize quotes.
  • View more info about authors with an optional link to wikipedia.org site to read more about the authors.
  • Bookmarking (marked as the last reading) to jump to certain marked quotes at Quotes, Authors or Categories pages, yes, efficient readings.
  • One-to-six-hand-friendly navigation, next, previous, skip to last and first, play speeches, sectioning, and quick authors and categories navigation.
  • Favorites.
  • Archiving, copying, adding, editing quotes with custom picture supports from both photo gallery and camera pictures.
  • Highly extensible. Add and update your own quotes, or personal notes, with pictures and categories, and displayed along with the awesome people ever exist.
  • Highly recommended for students, teachers, speakers, podcasters, celebrities, politicians, or just any people to make customized notes along with the famous people they love.
  • Tap to share on Twitter, e-mail, WhatsApp, contacts and more.
  • Easy, user-friendly, efficient and effective user interface.

Download the Quotable app now, and see for yourself!


How to view info about authors?
Long tap/ press any author picture or icon, or use the provided context menu item named "Author info".


How to view authors for a specific category, says poets a.k.a. poem authors?
Press the category name under author name at full screen pages. Or long press the category list item at Categories tab page.


How to view larger author pictures?
Click the More link inside the Author info window. It will open the wikipedia.org site where larger pictures may be available. The app doesn't store any large bitmap with 11K+ authors, of course.


Why are author pictures not included in the package?
11K+ authors x 5Kb or 10Kb = 55MB - 100MB. It is 5 to 10 times larger than the actual package, so we cannot include them, sorry. They are also not always available. Check out the Settings to enable downloading them if you cannot live with the replacement icon.


How to read quote at full screen with less distractions?
Toggle the full screen icon at Random or Quotes pages. Also there are options to remove Twitter button, home back arrow, footer icon, monochrome colors, to declutter the UI.


Some poems have long text. How to read it in comfort?
Toggle the fullscreen icon at Random or Quotes pages to enter adjustable reading mode. Use the provided text size controller to adjust text size to correct enjambments with long lines where applicable.


How does Youtube integration works? And what for?
It requires default Android Youtube player. Be sure to have it enabled. Long press any author picture, find the search Youtube icon to search more visual data. Or type something when the Youtube window is opened. No guarantee Youtube has it all. Just try. Famous authors, singers, or public figures are likely available.
It is to quickly search Youtube given the contextual data without opening the actual Youtube app. Useful for further study, or personal collections. Please bear in mind, the search functionality may stop working when reaching 1M unit quota limit. At least for now. Just carry on. If you enable saving data locally (see Settings), browsing, or viewing videos, should work, though.


I have interruptions when reading quotes.
On reason: Every certain amount of readings are interrupted by ads. Likely you are offline so no ads visible. Please upgrade to remove such interruptions. Second reason: Download from internet activated < 15 minutes. When a new quote is added the live data is updated. Since it is live, it interrupts the speeches. Try 10 minutes at the least. Or turn off the option for a while.


The full screen windows have different layouts?
To accommodate long text such as poems so you can adjust the text sizes and scroll down. Consider a reading mode as opposed to a listening mode. At regular displays, swiping may interfere the adjustments.


I enabled "Download from internet" every minute, but see nothing added for minutes.
We have two API servers to fetch quotes from, randomly. If none is added during that period, likely they are already in database. We have 11K+ quotes, please continue reading while downloading new ones.


How to download my favorites?
Go to Favorites page. Hit the download button, only visible when you have one. The CSV file, which you can open with LibreOffice or Excel, or alike, is stored at your sdcard: quotable-faves.csv. If you want to get it at your email, fill out the email at the Settings.


Any translation?
If your device locale is non-English, simple translation interface is available. No automatic translations, though. However Quotable integrates with Google Translate, only your non-English locale is supported (English to your system locale language). If installed, the steps are simple, basically copy/ paste, and must use the provided Copy icons or menus for both:

  • Copy from Quotable.
  • Paste at Google Translate.
  • And copy the translation back to Quotable as is as it contains metadata (Author and Category) needed to save it successfully!
  • Save translation into Quotable database.

Tips: long press to paste it. Stop speeches to avoid interruptions. Manual text selection will break the workflow, so use the provided/ designated copy icons/menus from both apps which already contain intents to listen to or work with.


Speech (TTS) stops working for translation when offline?
You said it. Seems specific to translations, it needs some internet. What can I do?


Have questions, suggestions, bug reports, or feedback?
We love to hear from you! Please use the Feedback, and rate our app. Any bitter, yet constructive, criticism will help us gain some strength to continue. Thank you!


Basically quick tap anything to access default displays. Long tap to reveal shortcuts, quick info, or particular behaviors such as editor form, reading mode, etc. where applicable. If something broken, try restarting the app, and see if any better.


The app doesn't collect any end-user data.
The Quotable+ version offers additional features such as adding new quotes, archiving, editing and deleting existing quotes. These optional features may need optional permissions:

  • INTERNET/ ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE/ WAKE_LOCK to download new quotes, author pictures, connecting to wiki site to display more info about an author. All is off by default. Turn them on at the Settings.
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to view the photo gallery to select picture for custom authors, or your own pictures, and save your choice.
  • CAMERA to take a camera picture so you can use your own picture.

They are only enabled on your own conscious approval. Also check out the Settings. If disallowed, they simply won't function. No hidden gimmicks.

I am Gaus Surahman, the Quotable app developer, not affiliated to any of these thoughts, nor own them. I just believe in open culture. The contents displayed in the application do not belong to me, or Quotable. If however, you legal-proven 100% believe you find a copyrighted quote, or picture, please contact me first, thank you, so I can resolve, or delete it for good. They are curated under public domain with pictures from wikipedia.org.

By using this app, you agree that you must take a grain of salts on these thoughts. Never take any word for granted. If you disagree with a thought, simply delete it, and it should be gone for good. Be sure to delete the leftover from your mind as well.

Quotable strives to leverage Android architecture components goodness.
Fully fragmentized with just literally one activity. However it is at early stage, please bear in mind! It has not been battle-tested against million devices, yet.

Should you find a bug, or hiccup, please report and provide suggestions. Your feedback means a lot to help me build a better Quotable.


  • 90%+ core Android libraries: support, room, paging, lifecycle, multidex, transition, vector_drawable, volley, preference, firebase, etc.
  • External libraries: Picasso, OkHttp, PlayPauseView, SQLiteAssetHelper, AssetSQLiteOpenHelper, MaterialColorPalette, OpenCSV.


The Quotable quotes made with ♥ by Gaus Surahman.

Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.