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I am freelancing as a website developer. I run this site as a personal blog or journal more than a formal agency-like site.

Website development

I do what I love. I have built sites since 1999 with various CMS, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and a few more CMS which are dead by now.

I materialize PSD, PDF, designs, mockups, concepts or ideas into a live functional website with attention to details, fun, simplicity and clients' satisfaction in mind.

Theming is all about translating designs, mockups, or concepts into a site theme that accurately reflects the true image of organization with a complementary balance of information and presentation. And we do that responsively and responsibly.

We don't do traditional slicing. We only pick images when CSS can not do any good otherwise. This allows us to do spriting selectively, purer CSS works, and decrease HTTP requests performance wise. And we do Sass just as well. We value the latest methods while always keeping semantic markups, accessibility, SEO and web standards in mind.

We develop Drupal and WordPress websites for small businesses, startups, individuals, designers, artists, photographers, writers, non-profit, government institutions, site builders, website developers, and those who need an extra hand with website development, site building and theming — anything related to annoying and tedious front end thingies which are my key expertise.

We are humbly addressing those who want to standout on their web presence with affordable budgets. Most of the time we also build websites from scratch — mockup to a live production site.

Non-disclosure agreement can be arranged upon request.

Open source contributions

I have contributed a few open source projects, Drupal themes and modules, since 2009. I hope you may find them useful as much as I do to ease up and supercharge your Drupal website development:

Check them out for more projects:


Once released as open source, they are all yours. You are free to use and abuse. I no longer own them. I may be gone some day. I am just one of their maintainers along with other contributors, helpers, and committers.

Due credits to all helpful souls with their patches, supports, features and bug reports, and other helpful deeds such as helpful tutorials, etc. You can view all contributors at each project page on the right hand side under a View all committers link. All their names are also credited within each project CHANGELOG.txt project file.

I want to say it again, thank you all. You are awesome!

One of my favorite poems

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

W. B. Yeats -- Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

When I was a student, I read Yeats a lot, back and forth, as if never finished. This is one of my favorites aside from The Second Coming, The Otter, etc. I still keep two copies of his books which were photocopied from my campus library back then. The above was copied from the internet, not the copied books. You may find my other favorite poets and authors at GridStack layouts sub-module. I translated a few of them into local newspapers years ago.

Personal disclosure

Personal story can be boring and dull. Skip it while you can.

I am one of the happiest guys on earth. I have a beautiful wife. My first girlfriend since HS and my last woman till death. We were married young at early twenties when we both got day jobs. And I have two great children I am proud of.

I am an eternal student as I never finished my study at Fine Arts and Design Faculty ITB due to some financial problems. Instead I got some random jobs just to survive back then.

I live in Indonesia, and eat rice daily. I drink bandrek, tea and coffee.

My mother tongue is Sundanese. English is my third language after Indonesian. All apologies for any English issue, but I believe I have the right, my birth right, to make mistakes in my English writing, including grammar, misspelling, or incorrect usage of expression. CMIYC.

I climbed a few mountains at my small home town during my late teenage and early 20s.

I have always been hungry for knowledge, and wisdom.

I made mistakes a lot. I learned spirituality and energy cultivation during my early 30s. I have been at a point where I consider meditation as my only vacation. Yet since I am a husband and dad, I am happy to go out vacation with them as well.

Gaus and co
Rini, Gita and me at Domas Crater gate

Gaus family
Gita, Gary, Rini and me behind camera at Borobudur

My site is my workplace and playground. I am obsessed with letters. I was a poet, I made tiny income writing poems and short stories since high school. They were published at local and national literature publications. I was also ghostwriting to have more income, translating a couple of foreign authors' poems, such as Ocativo Paz, Emily Dickinson, and few more.

I was cursed to be a very happy illustrator for 10 years, 4 years under Kompas Group (the largest) and 6 years under Tempo Inti Media (the most respected) in my country.

My early history with site building was personal, a way to show-off my day-job illustrations at 1999. Yes, 2 years before Drupal was born. That was how I started to learn website development and building, mostly static HTML. I hate table layout which was popular at that time, and never implement it since the first day of my site building. My interests in CMS were gradually strengthening since early 2003, a few months before WordPress was born. I started with some random CMS, Mambo, Joomla, Wordpress before I settled and love Drupal. I am still accepting WordPress website development, though.

I have been involved professionally in theming and building online newspaper, company, corporate, school, and governmental, multi-national and multi-lingual sites since 2005, mostly Drupal website development. I was also involved in developing our Vice President website for two periodstwo early JK periods. JK has been a Vice President for 3 times now, as of this writing 2017.

I get paid for what I did, apart from my regular day job as illustrator and infographer.

When I worked for Tempo Inti Media, one of the most respected dailies in Indonesia, I was involved in customizing my company CMS, including WordPress and Drupal website development, theming and building my company online newspaper, its forum, video site and corporate blog. A momentum that drove me into a huge decision to start working as a themer and web developer for living.

I started freelancing and have been focused on Drupal and WordPress website development after I ended the curse at 2009. Life is always a choice. I was a poet, and now my live is ramifying among letters again, all about writing again ... mere words, mere codes.

Every four to six years of my entire careers, I strive to get out of my comfort zone. This puts me in trouble at times financially, but as I value my life phases as learning stages I have to bear with shortages at times.

About this site

My former site gausarts.com was gone. Unfortunately I lost it early this 2018 year after 10 years of service. And I don't want to keep it, either, regardless of its fairly good DA/PA and old age.

Affiliate disclosure

All products, services, or other businesses (third party contents) reviewed on this site are independent, and genuine. With plethora of website development products, services and businesses, my #1 priority is usefulness, fairness, and less confusing choices so my readers are more confident in their decision before purchasing any of them. I have purchased relevant products and tested them myself. And I also developed relevant plugins and modules for my personal projects. Some of the personal efforts are reflected at the above-mentioned free open source projects.

Not all products I bought, but mostly those which are popular and relevant to my own website development needs.

  • I monetize some part of my site with relevant contents to my own web development and arts niche.
  • Any third party content mentioned within my site may or may not be noted as an affiliate in every reference. They may become part of my site content, and my income source, when I feel will be beneficial to share.
  • I strive to give my genuine opinion about any third party content whether or not I am partnering with the service provider and/or receiving payment to do so.
  • I pledge that I would never compromise the truth and my integrity just to make a buck.
  • I will get a commission should you choose to purchase through my referral links. It helps me to help more people for more free services and reviews without you incurring any additional cost.
  • I do not get any money for positive reviews.

Site assets

  • Some affiliate product photos are screenshot, and or copied from their original sites.
  • Other photos and graphics are copyrighted materials which I already purchased with granted permissions.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the rest of photos are royalty-free materials, free for personal or commercial usages.
  • Unless otherwise specified, some illustrations are my own works and I have the right to publish them on my own site.

You may copy any illustration, or infographic, from this site which I own personally for free. The only requirements are:

  • No hot-linking, please! Instead copy and store it into your own site.
  • Attribution to gaus.vipis always appreciated. No obligation whatsoever, though.