Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
Mar 28, 2013

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Oct 2, 2019

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Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

SalientResponsive Multi-Purpose Themein wordpress / creative / portfolio

Price: $60.00
Rating: 4.81 of 4649
Sales: 65282
3468 sales in last 3 months
Last updated: 10/02/2019 - 23:58
created at 03/28/2013
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Hightlight Features

  • Masonry Metro
  • Minimal List
  • Masonry Classic
  • Classic List
  • Masonry Enhanced
  • Many Available Demos – Salient provides ultra high quality demos all available to import with one click. Whether you’re a photographer, agency or anything in between, Salient has will take your online presence to a new level.
  • Exclusive Sliders – Get access to multiple sliders custom tailored/created just for Salient. You’ll enjoy exclusive features such as smooth parallax scrolling, image/video backgrounds & awesome functionality such as having your each of your slides alter the header navigation coloring from light to dark.
  • Page Transitions – Choose between multiple page transitions available for a beautiful & fluid user experience or turn them off all together if desired.
  • 4 Icon Packs – Salient has one of the most complete icon sets available on all of ThemeForest. Available families include: Iconminds ($59 value), FontAwesome, Steadysets & Linea.
  • Multi Layer Mouse Based Parallax – Wow your users by creating an astonishing parallax scene which is animated via the users mouse movement. Silky smooth performance & works on mobile as well based on tilting the device.
  • Masonry Image Galleries – Create beautiful galleries with ease! Enjoy all of the styles available for portfolio items, but with drag & drop ordering & easy bulk uploading.
  • Megamenu Built In – No need to rely on plugins. Choose your columns and display your megamenu full width or boxed within the site container.
  • Fullscreen Rows – An extraordinarily powerful & exclusive feature that transforms your page builder rows into an exciting story in one click. Animated between your rows with high performance transitions that also work on mobile.
  • Off Canvas Menu – Salient provides a powerful off canvas menu option with 4 different styles that can be used on desktop/mobile displays.
  • High Performance Animations – Say goodbye to outdated choppy animations. Take note of the frame rate at which the theme animations display at – your users will appreciate the time spent on performance optimization. It’s silky smooth.
  • Advanced Typography – Currently offering over 700 font families all with precision options available such as line height, letter spacing, font weight, font style, font size & text transform. Live font previews are also available right in the options panel.
  • Multiple Blog Styles – Salient offers tons of blog layouts to choose from. Each of the styles seen below can also be displayed full width or with a sidebar.
  • Multiple Single Post Layouts – Choose from one of the three single post headers available that’s most appropriate for your website.
  • Truly Customizable Portfolio – Salient offers 7 project styles and unlimited layouts for each one. Fine tune Masonry layouts, project grid spacing, coloring, custom content in project grid & much more! Take a look at the styles below and various layouts!
  • Infinite Scroll option for Blog & Portfolio – Among the many pagination options, the infinite scroll allows your users to load the next page of items while scrolling down for a seamless browsing experience.
  • Graphically Intuitive Shortcode Generator – Even though a powerful visual page builder is included, sometimes shortcodes still come in handy. The shortcode generator included in Salient offers an easy to use interface with powerful options for all elements and usable in both visual & text tabs!
  • AJAX Search – Optionally give your users a helpful selections of the top search results for their search terms as they’re typing.
  • Extensive Theme Options – Salient features an exceptionally organized/designed options panel that provides you with hundreds of options in an intuitive manner. Currently there are 17 different option panels and subcategories within them.
  • 5 Star Customer Support – From our tutorials to our support forum, rest assured we’ve got you covered.
  • Unlimited Color Options – Easily create color schemes for your website with unlimited options. Oh, did we mention color gradients are supported for tons of our elements as well?
  • Powerful Lightboxes – Pretty Photo & Magnific are available for you to choose from. Custom elements in Salient such as the Video lightbox, image galleries & sliders are all integrated with them.
  • Valid HTML5 – Because the insides are just as important as what the user sees.
  • Extensive WooCommerce Support – Multiple product styles & single product layouts available, AJAX shopping cart, Single page product zoom gallery, page builder available on single product pages & more!
  • Exclusive HTML5 Particle System – Upload images to create an interactive particle design with ease. Only available in Salient, view a demo here!
  • Boxed & Wide layouts – Salient offers a global setting that can change your website from the default wide display to a boxed setup where you can set a background image/color to display behind the boxed container.
  • Sortable Portfolio – Set up filters for your portfolio instances from categories you create which will sort through the projects without delay.
  • Built-in “love” system – Provides a way to track what projects/posts are most loved on your website. Can be optionally used.
  • Custom social sharing buttons – Allow you to share the current page to various social services and track the current share count. Available for posts/projects/projects.
  • Footer Column Options – Control your footer widget area by selecting the available column (layouts offered range from 2-4 columns).
  • SEO Optimized – Care was taken when coding Salient and search engines will appreciate it.
  • Translation-Ready – Salient includes the .po/.mo files and is ready to be translated into your desired language.
  • And Much More! – Check out the growing list of demos!