WordPress  eCommerce Notification
Jul 8, 2017

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Oct 1, 2019

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WordPress  eCommerce Notification

eCommerce Notificationfor WordPressin wordpress / ecommerce / miscellaneous

Price: $23.00
Rating: 4.67 of 0
Sales: 17
65 sales in last 3 months
Last updated: 10/01/2019 - 12:08
created at 07/08/2017
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Hightlight Features

  • All post types: Select many posts from post type.s
  • Show Notification from specific pages: Use “conditional tags” option to show notification on a particular page depending on what conditions that page matches.
  • Works on mobile! Choose whether your notifications are displayed on mobile, or turned off on mobile devices.
  • Custom message purchased: Shortcodes are available to use in order to build the content of the notification.
  • Custom message checkout.
  • Up sales with special product: For special products such as new products, or best-selling products, or high quality products etc, choose the name of these products to display related information in notification.
  • Auto detect real address with ipFind AP: With ipfind integration into eCommerce Notification plugin, you can simply fetch an end point with the IP and receive an instant JSON response with the location data you need.
  • ipFind auth key: Once signed up and key entered into field “ipFind auth key”, system will detect your IP address for notification automatically.
  • Make virtual address of customer and name: Sometimes, it is not necessarily a real customer buying any product then system creates a notification. This allows an editor to set virtual customer names purchasing a specific product with different address, in order to attract attentions to a new product.
  • Set Virtual Time to auto get random: Similar to the virtual name or virtual address, it is also possible to set the virtual time to determine how long ago a person has purchased a specific virtual product.
  • Unlimited color of highlight, text, background: WooCommer Notification plugin provides unlimited colors and skins to help you configure colors of highlights, texts, backgrounds.
  • Available 4 styles position, 2 image positions which is great to show notification and more on demand.
  • Sound effect when show notification: Choose an available audio so that the notification will be appeared along with an audio in front-end. Muted on mobile.
  • Set time to display notification, delay time to wait from showing, and looping time.
  • Save Logs: Save logs helps system stores information when visitors click on notifications. Then editors could check for statistic of number clicks and analysis fluctuation sales. Report system allows to get data for the statistic number clicks by date, or by product.
  • See users interact with your notifications in real time: With featured save logs, site admin will learn more about attitudes and behaviors of customers for product displayed on notification.
  • SPEED. Uses Ajax technology. Notification will be loaded once the page is load.
  • Easy to use